Love, Food, and other Delights

It’s Valentine’s Day and there are a million websites that offer up sexy food ideas for couples looking for some culinary indulgence to go with the day.  

So why be repetitive?  Buy some oysters if you must, grill a steak until just barely bloody and open a bottle of lusty red wine.  Here are my suggestions on how to USE the food you make.
Forget the stickiness of licking chocolate off the body of a loved one.  I mean, it’s a mess, albeit a sweet one.  Instead, try melting a little chocolate (gently) and putting it in your mouth.  The slow kiss you deliver will be more than a memorable one.
And get good chocolate.  No Hershey’s allowed.  Try Green and Black’s Organics, Dark 85%. 
Red Wine:
Go big for the holiday.  Get a Syrah or Petit Syrah, something with a full, round body.  The same method applies here as with chocolate, but don’t heat the wine.  Just share it with your partner, mouth to mouth, or put a little in your mouth to and kiss some favorite body part.  Your choice.
Make Food Together:
There is nothing sexier (to me, at least) than two people working in the kitchen together.  If you both like to cook, then this one is a no-brainer.  Put on some lovely music and get in there.
Have an Indoor Picnic…
Spread a table cloth on the floor and assemble your dishes there.  Eat with your fingers.  You can feed each other, of course, or better yet, go Tom Jones, and feed each other without talking.  I’m certain this activity will excite and inspire whatever follows.
…Or a Sensual Feast:
Blind-fold your partner and offer them tastes, textures, and scents.  Start with a clementine rind squeezed beneath the nose, let them rub a little pate or jam between their fingers and then taste it.  Feed them contrasting or complimentary tastes to wake up both their palate and their senses.  Kiss.  A lot.  
Whatever You Make, Make It With Love:
I am big believer in the power of intention. If I am making something special for someone, I focus on them and how they make me feel.  

Remember Like Water for Chocolate?  What you feel goes into the food.  Even Mac & Cheese is sexy if you want it to be.  

Be inspired by your feelings for someone and make something you love.
Drink Sparkling Wine
There is nothing that makes me giddy like a glass of bubbly.  It will make you happy and a bit reckless.  That’s a great starting point for whatever events might unfold.  

You can get great inexpensive Cava or Prosecco if you’re on a budget.  Ask your wine guy for recommendations.

Happy V-Day to lovers and food lovers, alike!
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